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  1. pff, you can ban me now, i'm pretty sure everyone who's iq bigger than 60 do same as i. I don't see the point why i shoud pay someone for work that hasn't be done. Now i have sacrifice my real life stuff to do those acc, because i don't want disapoint @NinjadGuy. That kid asked worked, i give him. He left, and i need to clean his shit, so u can ban me or do anything u want he won't get the deposit if he won't do the work.
  2. He don't even ask for password, what are you talking about? I can give give password and he still not going to do stuff and he probubly going to clean bank
  3. "He said" i think it's not a market, he can take ss for facts. btw, he didn't
  4. acc password changed to secure bank. As i know he go sunday to holiday for week, and i can't wait so long, and i'm working myself on those acc. If he really want to finish acc, why he just don't pm me and ask for passwords?
  5. Your partner said, If FulLinus did not scam or leave on bad terms (leaving orders unfinished, etc), i have to refund deposit. He left me with 5 unfinished acc ( for 1 acc he got paid and he still didn't finished it). I'm not going to refund deposit until he complete all 5 acc.
  6. He didn't scam, but he left 5 unfinished acc. He asked me to get 4 acc for him to do, and next day he wanted to leave.
  7. Hey, first time i got in stuff like this, i will try explain everything. So he found me somehow, and asked me for work, we talked i reccomended him to work for dbuffed, because i didn't got much work. Dbuffed declined him, so i give him job. He paid 39m for deposit instead 50. I gave him do 60/60/60 3x acc. We agreed that i keep profit from 2 acc for deposit. Then he done 2 acc, sand crabs afk and he asked more work https://imgur.com/a/f3WDh. I get 4 acc with custom build to do. He didn't had money for supplies, so i gave him 7m for third 60/60/60 acc ( still not finished, but he got paid) and i give extra 8m for supplies. This is full story. Now about deposit, i looked into 3 thread that hire workers. All 3 threads ask for deposit, but refund isn't 100%, and % isn't same https://imgur.com/a/62616. I said this to Linus, i can say it to admins too, if u want deposit back done work that i got for you, if not you don't get deposit back. Edited P.S. sorry for bad english, hope you understand what i wanted to say
  8. Goldas


    agility 60gp/xp rc 100gp/xp + supplies
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