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Botting ban prevention

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I have found a way to prevent bans while botting. I haven been botting 3 accounts for 1-4 hours at a time (at the same time) for 2-12 hours per day per account.


I have made a few accounts and botted them right away from tutorial island and they were all banned. These 3 new accounts I have leveled by hand to 150-200 total level and now they are 300-800 total level each. 


Scripts I have used:

-Perfect Rock crabs (czar plez fix)

-Perfect Magic AIO (120 levels gained on these 3 accounts)

-Explv’s AIO (Firemaking/Woodcutting/Fishing)

-Explv’s Walker

-Stealth Quester (170 QP gained)

-Agility AIO By Low Poly (65 levels gained)

-APA Gilded Alter (1-43 prayer)


Used the same scripts on both sets of accounts.


Edit: I have also been switching the script every hour to 3 hours to keep the variety up

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On 1/11/2018 at 1:14 PM, Jack Is Dead said:

Lol.....this isn't some holy method of not getting banned, you've just delayed the inevitable.


Ways to prevent bans:

Bot 2-3 hours a day max

Play legit on the acc sometimes, quest, bank stand etc

Use random.dat remover/protector 

Mirror mode

Dont bot money making scripts

where do i find random.dat remover? or how does it work ? 

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