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zulrah guide?

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As said above 75 range/70 def. Atleast 45 pray. If not 70 def then void is needed. I'd say 80+ magic as that's the main source of damage you'll be doing. It is possible to do runs without ranged, but I like to have the switch.

As for scripts that's a pretty broad answer. APA's sand crabs is pretty good. I use it here and there.

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1 minute ago, tyoui said:

Is void better than ahrims/blessed dhide?

Void range is better than d hide, but not better than armadyl. Void mage is comparable to mystic, and worse than ahrims. If you have both void sets though you may as well just use them cus you can bring more food in invy for multiple kill trips with bot.

Min reqs for zulrah bot is 75 mage/range, ~60 def. I get 800-900k/hr with those stats with mystic and black dhide. 

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