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What gear to use for slayer

Dont Panic

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So ive never done slayer efficiently or so, but atm my slayer level is 69 and want to start doing start to get my strength up.

Whats the optimal gear for doing slayer (armor and weapons) at 75 att and 70 defence?

Also is it useful to bring high alch for loot, or just bank everytime?

And what slayer master should i use at cb 103?


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Slayer Helm (I)


Fire Cape


Sara Sword or D Defender + Abby Dagger

B Gloves

Beserker Ring (I)

Primordials (Need 75 Def though)


Then you've got the cheaper alternatives like Torso, normal B ring, Glory/Fury etc. I think if you have a slayer helm then that's the main thing due to the damage increase on tasks


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