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Disputed member: @Adapt

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Explanation: Ordered graphics on Friday. At first he said they'd be done in the same day, then he said they'd be done by Monday. I was fine with that. It's now Wednesday and I haven't received any responses.

Evidence: Skype logs. If you need pics, tell me. Please note time stamps when reading. Would appreciate it if you hid the logs.

Edit: I asked for these logs to be hidden and they were not. If a mod needs them, please PM me.


I'd still like the graphics if possible, and I don't want him to be put in TWC yet. Just trying to get a response here and figure out what's been going on.

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16 hours ago, Decode said:

Please post a separate dispute.

@Imateamcape post the logs and i'll hide them. 

Still no response on skype. the last time we talked was when i paid him, haven't heard anything back. Please hide everything below this sentence.


1. Logs -> https://pastebin.com/Eyv9Dqsy

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