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  1. Adapt


    It's obvious I recovered the account, I'll give you the wealth off of it and refund you the value of the account if you stay in contact with me. Deuces.
  2. @Zerker @Jamez and now... @Adapt Flood me with "you're scum" and "you're a piece of shit" posts, give me something to laugh about. Time to make my exit. Everyone that ordered graphics will still get their orders.
  3. Adapt


    yes ,lil fgt
  4. @dragonite3000 pm me on skype? I'd love to do this for you
  5. Adapt


    l0l he'll wish he didn't fwm
  6. Adapt


    @Dard I see you.
  7. 20-50 att/str/def hand done price
  8. Adapt

    RS3 Leveling

    I need someone to get me 70+ in all stats hmu with a price
  9. I can do this for you. Add my skype: adapt07
  10. I do them. Add my skype: adapt07
  11. Adapt

    85-92 Mining

    Hand done, prices please?
  12. I can help you out, I was huge in the Call of Duty social media scene and I have tons of experience with twitter headers. Skype: adapt07
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