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OSRS Overlay Project


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Hi OSBot, It's been a while.

I thought I'd share a project I've been working on for the last couple of months to help me understand the JVM better and work on my machine code knowledge.

My aim was to create something like OSBuddy, but I'm realising that's a big undertaking. It's barebones at the moment, but I've got a working deobfuscator and mapper at least with some simple worldToCanvas methods:



I'm still learning and there's a big road ahead but I thought I'd share where I'm at with some of the enthusiasts over here.

PS: If anyone could point me in the direction of Widget#isVisible() that would be a huge bonus <3 But I'll keep searching...

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10 hours ago, OSRSPsycheDelic said:

Are you invoking a method from the client to do the w2s for you or are you using an external method?

I'm using an external method based off the Perspective class in the client. 


9 hours ago, Saiyan said:

Use that site that every1 uses to leech the hooks dont think i can say it but it has some useful stuff

PM me the URL? So far I've done this with next to no help haha :'(

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