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Hey what's up everyone my name is Alec, but I go by Funfight here. I've been a member of OSBot for about 2 years now and a runescape player since 2006. Although I joined OSBot in 2015, my runescape interest for botting started in 2010 on another website.. it's amazing to see the advancements over the years :).  In originally started botting on my main RS3 account prior to EOC and actually created and ran a successful Dungeoneering service. However, after EOC came out I quit RS3 and took a break from Runescape entirely. Not too long after though, Old School Runescape came out and and that sparked my interest. I started watching streams & what not and eventually looked at the gold prices for osgp. I was shocked, at the time it was about $1.25 per mil compared to RS3's terrible $.25/m. I did some research and in 2015 I joined this site and a couple others and started goldfarming.. well I tried to but epically failed. I spent about 6 months trying and trying only to lose about $400. This is when I quit, only to come back to it about 6 months ago. I'm a college student studying marketing at Arizona State University, and well as I'm sure you all know, money doesn't exactly spill out of a college students wallet. So I did a lot more research, befriended people that gave me great advice, and gave it another shot. Initially, I lost about $200 but now seem to have it down to a consistent profit. My goal is not to pay bills with this money, but to help pay for things such as dinners and various outings with friends. My big goal is to make enough to allow me to travel Europe or Australia for a couple weeks this summer.


A little something short about my personal life -

My passions: 

Traveling - My mother is a flight attendant which gives my whole family amazing benefits. During my rather short lifespan I've been fortunate enough to travel to 33 countries and am eager to traveling more of the world. I believe traveling is one of the best things you can do as you learn so much about the world and societies.

Sports - I grew up with a ball in my hand at all times. Baseball, soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse ball.. you name it.  In high school I focused on lacrosse and traveled around the country to play against other teams. This was one of my favorite times of my high school career because of all of the fun & how close it brought me and my teammates together.

Friends - Might seem cliche, but I really do love friends and people. I'm a huge extrovert and enjoy striking a conversation up with anyone. I decided to join a fraternity at my university & love all that it offers & would recommend joining one to anyone that is interested / has the opportunity to join one :)

Video games - Video games has always been a big passion of mine, like I said above, it's amazing to see how far technology has come in 3,10,20 years. Doesn't seem like to long ago I was playing with one of those Gameboy Colors! Haha, wow, if you can relate to that, we're old now my friends!


Anyways, I thought I'd make an introduction to tell you a bit about myself.


TLDR: I'm a wanna be goldfarmer tryna make it during these hard times. Lemme know if u wanna partner up, I got a flax bot that's being privately created by a top notch scriptor, big moneyz 2 be made.. Yeah us.

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5 hours ago, IamBot said:

Joey doesn't SHARE FOOD!!!!



Welcome brotha




hahah thanks my mehn

4 hours ago, Crime said:

I love travelling aswell, amazing feeling, exploring a whole new side of the world that you've never seen

Glad to hear I have a fellow world traveler :D  Where's the favorite place you've ever been?

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