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  1. Buying 60m .80 through PayPal
  2. Need 71 to 75 range done as well as 43 to 52 agility done. All must be hand done and you must supply everything needed. Put quotes and timeframe below.
  3. Looking to get some hand trained accounts from level 3 to fully NMZ ready (leveling and questing) I will supply you with fresh level 3(s) to ensure that I am the original owner of these accounts. Comment quotes below do not PM me or add me on Skype. This is my first prospecting, not sure exactly when I'll proceed.
  4. what the fuck happened to gold prices
  5. how'd you get there will do thx
  6. I have 8gb of ram and it seems like it's either bad, or I have a virus. Any other thoughts?
  7. I've had the same issue before. Was running 30 at a time and then 3 days later only 10..
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