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Crime's Feedback

  1. towelman left Negative feedback   

    Piece of shit scammer

    Crime was The Seller

  2. towelman left Positive feedback   

    Powerleveled 73-82 mage on my gmauler, awesome trusted guy will use again

    Crime was The Seller

  3. SuikaBooty left Positive feedback   

    Completed several accounts for woodcutting and crafting at very good rates

    Crime was The Seller

  4. ByEngland left Positive feedback   

    Completed nmz training for me. Stuck to schedule followed yes requests asked by me. Very polite and easy to work with. Thanks!

    Crime was The Seller

  5. dmix left Positive feedback   

    Made me pretty good sig & thread layout, speed, quality, communication! Recommended, very satisfied!

    Crime was The Seller

  6. Wolverine left Positive feedback   

    Sold 19m 07! Thanks

    Crime was The Buyer

  7. Quality Scapers left Positive feedback   

    Did a tut island service for him, I went first and he kept good on his word with payment! Thanks, look forward for future business!

    Crime was The Buyer

  8. Kim left Positive feedback   

    Sold 50M 07, TYVM +

    Crime was The Buyer

  9. Wolverine left Positive feedback   

    Sold me 11m 07

    Crime was The Seller

  10. Turkoize left Positive feedback   

    Got me a torso for 7m, huge vouch <3

    Crime was The Seller

  11. Night left Positive feedback   

    Bought an account, quick and friendly!

    Crime was The Seller

  12. bogla_Travis left Positive feedback   

    Sold us 50m @boglagold, Thanks again.

    Crime was The Seller

  13. Wolverine left Positive feedback   

    Sold him 30m 07 thanks! :)

    Crime was The Seller

  14. RS3GoldMart left Positive feedback   

    Did Middlemanning for him GP for BTC!

    Crime was The Seller

  15. Bogla Eva left Positive feedback   

    Sold us 50m osrs

    Crime was The Seller

  16. Institute left Positive feedback   

    Sold him some 07 gold fast and smooth, thanks!

    Crime was The Buyer

  17. scruffyryl left Positive feedback   

    Got a torso for me. Thank you.

    Crime was The Seller

  18. Juggles left Positive feedback   

    MM'd a trade for him.

    Crime was The Seller

  19. Probemas left Positive feedback   

    vouch, sold him 5m

    Crime was The Buyer

  20. Probemas left Positive feedback   

    Vouch, sold him 15m 07

    Crime was The Buyer

  21. Juggles left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a $10 voucher

    Crime was The Buyer

  22. Alch left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for buying 5m 07 from www.Boglagold.com Crime!

    Crime was The Seller

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