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price check 40 attack 70 str f2p pure


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I mean me personally I planned on hand doing them with my brother, but their is no way to confirm that an account has been hand done especially as your trying to sale it on a bot forums.. I think thats very funny when I see people say that.


Most accounts are getting banned once botting passed level 60+ on most skills... So to prove it is hand done when selling is to show proof that your account is clear of any botting bans.


Let's say you wanted to make a 40 att , 99 str - by hand, the account will not have a single ban/mute and you will still be able to login once you hit 99 facep.gif


... Try to bot 40 att , 99 str without getting a single ban or a perm ban before u reach your target levels. -  I wish you luck!


I've not tried 40 att , 70 str but the chances you'd reach that without getting a single mark on the account - is slim.



he said HAND MADE, not sure when the last time you trained legit but 70 actually is a grind if done by hand.



^ Exactly.   

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