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  1. like 20/30m since the ban
  2. Looking right now for deadman tournament account
  3. Looking for account what has 94 mage piety,defender like 80 range rest mele on dmm seasonal would pay just looking to play for last days pm
  4. Hey need on my maxed account done mage arena 2 ,need dragon defender and like 400k nmz points .
  5. So this is combat 60 pure with avas completed, mith gloves completed and many more quests https://gyazo.com/8c2d2a54e4a8705daed5ffb97058a9bb https://gyazo.com/bcca165e3558f0c5f44513b0489923ad https://gyazo.com/41ba28af147d2ae9e089ac68f211d3d2 id love a price check on this account thanks
  6. yeah bought it goes inside house "calls servant" and spams it like lol? sometimes it straight goes for xp but yeah i come back 20min been clicking call servant
  7. like 1 day i bot 20min and got banned after, recently ive heard so many people get banned very fast did jagex stand up their game?
  8. 4x acc have 6 hour immunity and qualify sets for skills,stats
  9. buying sdmm gp items.supplies 1:2/1:1,25
  10. I can go first no deal but you have to be trusted I prefer account without registered email.
  11. @Khaleesihey could i have trial for 24 hour please i wanna try for deadman mode and if its good ill buy ty:P
  12. there is problem on ardy chaos druids it goes upstairs and whole client freezes idk whats the issue i cant look into the logger when its frozen .
  13. very easy i have like every pk script made like that ?
  14. hey could i have 24 hour trial please ? ty
  15. have this if u interested https://gyazo.com/afa1e8c335b04097edf0fbb438d67302
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