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Basic Java Notes


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These are the notes I wrote down when I was first learning java.
These are just the basics and should help set a foundation for you. 

It is crucial to understand these basics because they are used in every script.


I took these notes while doing Code Academy






** On the Order of Operation part, it is best to use parenthesis instead of following the guidelines because it can get confusing. 

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Most programmers avoid order of operations by forcing parenthesis to ensure the order is correct. Typical mistake:

bool1 || bool2 && bool3

Some people might think it's evaluating (bool1 || bool2) && bool3 when it's really bool1 || (bool2 && bool3).

Yeah I agree. I'll edit the notes and post that later. When I was first learning how to script, I didn't fully understand how to do order of operation so using the parenthesis is a better way to do it. 

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Expanding upon what @Alek mentioned short circuit operators are fantastic for making code optimizations in conditions that depend on or's. Do your lightweight checks first (boolean state, etc.) so if any evaluate to true the condition will terminate early and not have to do any of your more robust calculations.

They're also a great place to chain calls together vs nested if's. Example RuneScape script case case:

!isPlayerInCombat() && playerHealth() > 20 && ((distanceToTarget > 10 && stepTowardsTarget) || attackTarget)

would be a perfect one statement generic method for attacking an entity that could be called each script poll.

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