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Fantasy character "ez11" is against human rights.


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@ez11 has an unacceptable name.


This name is clearly a reference to how "ez" (easy) 9/11 was as he clearly has 11 in his name


This cannot be tolerated by any community 


It triggers me that the community management openly supports and promotes terrorism  (whipit.gif ) and destruction by allowing a person of power on this forums to chose the nickname ez11. 


its 2016 ffs feels.png


@mald.png DexEmoticon.png  and other supermod that isnt important enough for its own emote,


please either ez11 or force namechange.  


If you disagree with my opinion facep.gif you should check your privilege and you are a terrorist.


9/11 never forget.


Please  support harambe didnt die for this. 

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