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  1. Yeah I know lol wasnt expecting it in 1 night but whale good script pool t nonetheless
  2. Banned after 1 night. No other scripts were used on the account gg.
  3. Needing wintertodt done on my iron, 85-90 or until i get tome. post price and discord
  4. Need the following Quests done on my iron, and also RFD currently have mith gloves. Quote me a price. Cabin Fever Rum Deal The Great Brain Robbery Mournings end pt 1 & 2 Legends Murder mystery Tail of two cats Hand in the sand Haunted mine The eyes of Glouphrie Swan Song Ratcatchers Grim tales Elemental workshop I Elemental workshop II Eadgars ruse Holy grail My arms big adventure Cold war
  5. Looking for a estimate of 53-65 fishing done on my ironman, Lmk prices.
  6. I could have sworn there was a Castle Wars Script? Or am i wrong
  7. ExitPoint

    Stealth Quester

    Was using injection, and The only settings I had changed were dagger{p+++} for shadow of the storm, and a magic setup for some of the quests, but other than that no. It was doing it multiple times, I noticed it happened a lot during mountain daughter, at the beginning. On two of the accounts i ran it on it would withdraw all the items x3, and then would also withdraw 10 stamina potions or so, and it just was in a loop depositing and doing it again. unfortunate one of the accs I used it on got banned quick af and im guessing, it's because of that and the ge issue. -No not blaming your
  8. ExitPoint

    Stealth Quester

    [INFO][Bot #1][05/24 04:36:03 PM]: Loaded 3 built-in random solvers! [INFO][Bot #1][05/24 04:36:05 PM]: starting script without parameters [INFO][Bot #1][05/24 04:36:06 PM]: selected GUI index: 0 [INFO][Bot #1][05/24 04:36:18 PM]: started in normal mode [INFO][Bot #1][05/24 04:36:18 PM]: opening equipment tab [INFO][Bot #1][05/24 04:36:19 PM]: started in normal mode [INFO][Bot #1][05/24 04:36:53 PM]: walking to position [x=2612, y=3092, z=0] [INFO][Bot #1][05/24 04:36:58 PM]: destination: [x=2612, y=3092, z=0] [INFO][Bot #1][05/24 04:41:03 PM]: WebWalkingEvent; We have reached
  9. ExitPoint

    Stealth Quester

    The bot just sits at ge opening and closing bank
  10. Trying to start the script, but its not coming up in the script selector for me? Any idea why?
  11. https://i.imgur.com/gM2OYgo.png https://i.imgur.com/2Kba2Fs.png
  12. Awesome, I thought I posted it just couldn't remember love the script
  13. Suggestion, make a discord server for this script, and whatnot Don't know if i posted this one or not but here it is not spinning before talking to uri https://i.imgur.com/SU0JIGK.png
  14. https://i.imgur.com/1EsL6Zd.png https://i.imgur.com/GwfIrcx.png https://i.imgur.com/EWafoid.png Another one that gets stuck Suggestion, make a discord server for this script, and whatnot
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