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  1. My dumb ass should have taken the time to learn how to trade in bitcoin lol, anyways thanks for the advice man really appreciate ya!
  2. @Proton sent paypal screenshot of him confirming the transaction on Discord. Think it will be good enough?
  3. Wait.. Why would someone pretend to be him then go first.. I also Msged prolax on osbot the day after for a feedback but he never responded to me.. Isn't it strange you wouldn't reply to someone asking you for feedback?
  4. So somebody charged back against me before and i just posted all the skype messages of him buying the gold, and i won.. Do you think that's pretty much the best way? (i still have discord messages of him buying the gold). Any advice would be appreciated..
  5. @Prolax has chargedback £47.66 on paypal wondered why he was ignoring my requests to leave feedback on my page.. scummy dude. won't be able to get my pc now. whatever. <HIDDEN>
  6. Happy 4th of july to all the yanks!
  7. ainzlee

    RWT Bans

    sold over 1b from my main/alts none have been banned, i'd say you're good just leaving the 1b on your acc (if it's not botted)
  8. ainzlee


    Nothing lol, i just dont like his gold medal shtick
  9. ainzlee


    Cejudo/ferguson I hope moraes kicks cejudos fucking head off tho.
  10. Can sell you this account for 225m, although it's only 64 slayer has some other nice stats if you ever consider making it into a main. original owner and can give you the gmail acc which it was created with. let me know if you're interested. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/152105-updated-selling-starter-main-account6-99s/
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