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  1. Na bro you came in 45 minutes ago on osbot too early to start business with you
  2. You will get a fresh account from me with bond. it needs: 40 Attack 80 Strength 70 Ranged (you can quest the attack idc) Post Prices Below [07 Gold]
  3. @uta Tried to send him a PM [uta cannot receive messages.]
  4. I am Looking for 1 defence pure(s) [50M Max each] 50 Attack Pures (preferable with quests) 60 Attack Pures (preferable with quests) Also buying this kind of Accounts (need 2 of each) 40 Attack 70 Strength 70 Ranged Accounts 17M each 40 Attack 80 Strength 70 Ranged Accounts 23M each [Do not contact me if your account has an Email Registered and you have very low Reputation] Contact: PM Discord > Ahmet#5559 (fastest reply)
  5. Anything up to 100M Gold 0,67$/m PM or post below. Bought thread can be closed.
  6. 0,65$ post below or pm me
  7. i have a couple 60 Wc accounts sitting a while
  8. Didn't even knew you could dye capes LUL
  9. 60/60/60 > 7M 70/70/70 > 15M No Email Registered
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