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  1. Don't know what I changed but it worked once I re-ran it
  2. i try to run the green drags script but literally it only sits there and does nothing
  3. green drags not working anymore?
  4. Could i get a trial of this please? Bought plenty of your other scripts
  5. ran all the quests on my main some time ago and my main is all fine, guess you just got unlucky
  6. any plans on adding more quests?
  7. what gear setup are u using? Im far lower stats but still able to get fast-ish kills
  8. pureacoustix


    What is the point of nmz accounts? No offence meant by this, I am just curious in to why people offer them.
  9. sorry mate but how much would it cost to buy this script as a one off?
  10. from trying this out, would you be able to make the script drop the worthless loot and focus on keeping and banking the loot of value ?
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