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  1. Imagine staff/admin of this website being such cunts. Makes me laugh 

  2. need help with a refund for VIP.


  4. What setup do you use when running it?
  5. What settings/set up do you use?
  6. banned after 2 hours.. Rip...
  7. it broke, doesn't start or anything when you press start gui just sits there
  8. Account has full void Mage + Range Zulrah Pet + Rex Pet No bans not even any mutes or 2 days Stats: Below (blacked out ones for acc safety also lowest e.g. Under lvl 40.
  9. Botftw

    Stealth Quester

    Awwwww Shitttt ima bout to do MM for days. One thing i would note tho; on fight arena i have to babysit the bot due to it sometimes fuckin about with the safespot. Sometimes it goes in, sometimes it don't..
  10. Botftw

    Stealth Quester

    @Token Imo; Nature spirit + Addy gloves RFD would be a good addition; mainly for 13 defence pures/starter zerkers before going for rune gloves they can be quickly done and out the way.. I've used this script about 5-6 times for full mith gloves, been banned once. Amazing
  11. Dev's will be working on it. Game updates break the client until fixed. Have patience. Eat a kit kat
  12. @Khaleesi Hi, the script has an issue with pouches where it just left clicks to put it when attempting to empty whilst doing Abbys nature runes.
  13. Botftw

    Stealth Quester

    Awesome mate just thought i'd let you know. Other than that the script has been flawless for me for 5-6 accounts. never banned once. You the man @token
  14. Botftw

    Stealth Quester

    @Token Aup mate, script is broken on Shadow of the Storm. Sits trying to buy a rune/addy/mith dagger for 2k. When standard price is 10k + i've got the required stuff in my bank but still attempts to purchase them so it's an endless loop. Any help?
  15. Keep getting this error no matter what i do
  16. Botftw

    Stealth Quester

    Animal Magnestism is so broken. Just sits at ban withdrawing and depositing.
  17. Botftw

    Stealth Quester

    Broken currently. Always the same. "Failed to withdraw items: Expected."
  18. Just botted it with Khal Pest control without a ban
  19. It's very weird, i had a 110 Addy Pure with Crystal Hally (that i never actually botted) banned for botting, (ip ban i guess?) yet in their ToS it states that making a new account is a fresh start and they wont take in to consideration your Past offences on the same IP. So how do they IP ban people who bot? It's very weird and touchy subject. And yeah Gnarly's a cunt As long as you don't use a macro program, or break any of our other Rules, then you have no reason to fear your account being banned.
  20. GDK plugin broken as hell. Can't figure out the safespot method at all... Any help or what?
  21. How do you set up safespots?
  22. Yeah think it was mate, I was like where the fuck; but couldnt find the wintertodt one. Loaded it 2 hours later and i found it!
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