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  1. hey gimp :)

  2. You'll have to message me, i can't start a new PM for today.
  3. A text needs to be shortened from 750 words to 250 words, can not just cut out the original words/plagiarise. Needs to be in own words. Post here if interested/good at writing or PM me. Edit: Still looking for someone.
  4. Gimp

    Hi frens

  5. Gimp


    Why does this not support Sharks?
  6. Planning to use some of the clients features to my advantage. Or can jagex see that you're using a client that's not the normal rs client/osbuddy?
  7. hi gimp hope you're well

  8. True, it's the only one that creates its own walk path
  9. Last week it seemed fine, now even on low cpu it still makes the fan go high. Maybe it's cause i have a mac lol?
  10. Gimp

    client lag?

    Check the console log, it's probably a problem with the onLoop in the script. That usually kills the client speed
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