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  1. Heya. I'd love a trial on this
  2. I have osbot downloaded but never use it except for to complete little miniscule tasks, never more than 10-15 minutes while I'm in the shower or something like that. I might fire it up once or twice a month max. This time, I threw on Khal AIO Herblore for about 20 minutes while I went to the store, 2 days later caught a fat macro major.. 1900+ total, 212 qp, all for about 60k herblore exp... feels bad man.
  3. Not sure what the deal is, but can't run any quests at all atm Basically it buys everything, opens the bank, closes the bank, repeats over and over. [INFO][Bot #1][12/30 10:05:20 PM]: missing items [INFO][Bot #1][12/30 10:05:20 PM]: [INFO][Bot #1][12/30 10:05:20 PM]: position: [x=3167, y=3489, z=0]; next: Dwarf Cannon; queue: 1; member: true; mirror: false; input: false, resized: false [INFO][Bot #1][12/30 10:05:20 PM]: started in normal mode [INFO][Bot #1][12/30 10:05:21 PM]: position: [x=3167, y=3489, z=0]; next: Dwarf Cannon; queue: 1; member: true; mirror: fals
  4. Huge vouch for abely, awesome service and awesome prices. Got 38-70 agility done and it was handled very professionally and in a timely manner! Thank you, 10/10 will be doing business again with you in the near future!
  5. @Token Can't find your script on my script list, been using it since version 1 but its gone now?
  6. @Token I bought this script forever ago but for some reason it's not in my collection anymore
  7. I've tried installing/uninstalling java, made sure it was java 8, but I guess I'm still missing something? I could only get it to open once and it told me I had java 12 so I uninstalled all my java shit and downloaded JRE and JDK 8 and now it's not even launching at all. I've read all the guides and none of the coding shit or cmd prompt stuff makes sense to me and none of it worked when I tried it
  8. Yeah, I just caught a 2 day from NMZ.. I was doing a 6 hour session when I woke up, 3-4 hours of actual play, and then a short session in the middle of the night. Lasted ~4-5 days.
  9. For some reason it says "updating script" but never finishes updating the script..
  10. I did, and it said not to drop the URL (I'd assume so no-one gets phished) But,fair enough. Sorry lads I tried.
  11. I used a different client for mine. Acc already had a 2 day a few weeks ago, did 40-50 with no issues. 1 hour on, 20-45 minute breaks continuously until it was done. Don't want to be a rule breaker or I'd tell you which one. (Staff, am I allowed to tell them?)
  12. Big correction and whales dumping. Y'all didnt expect this? #hodlgang
  13. Can I check out APA Rooftops?
  14. Form: What're you looking for?: 35-53 agility Do you agree to Terms of Service?: yes Did you add My Skype?: yes
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