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  1. Mald reply on skype please. Show me this thread: 


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    2. Maldesto
    3. Czar


      axldeth which script are you talking about and what is your problem. I will fix it. Please pm me any bug report and I will fix it like I do to all my users.

    4. PKDealer


      Perfect figther , lucky for me was the only script i buy from u and still have all issues i tell u on pm(WICH PROBABLY U DIDNT READ) or just check the thread there is a lot of ppl with the same problems that me, maybe more problems that me, I will give u a nice advice @Czar u MUST do i guied to use this script so everyone can understand how it really should work, need more info about all the updates u need to do, the script has work for me in the past but for now it is not and i hope u can make those 10$ i paid for ur script worth, i really hpe u do the work needs to be done on the script

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