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  1. Member: Maldesto Feedback on activity: god-like. Abusive or Non Abusive?: non abusive What could Maldesto improve on?: quit being so awesome Does Maldesto handle situations well?: extremely well Anything else?: Maldesto rocks, I dont know half of the other people on the list so ya.
  2. I'm guessing yes I dont think Malesto would lie lol
  3. Oh swizz you and the jokes about penis's... getting very suspicious XD
  4. http://www.tmz.com/2014/01/01/james-avery-dies-fresh-prince-of-bel-air-actor-will-smith-alfonso-ribiero/ Rip uncle phil from fresh prince of bel air .. I know most of you are 14 and cant appreciate this but stilll...
  5. LOL! Lana , Lana, or is it Vivana? you got less money then all of Mexicana, not to mention you sucked off half of Louisiana.
  6. That was half a good rhyme.... Lana,Lana you looka like a mana, don't you work that corner in Atlanta?
  7. Lana, Lana, short for Alana, Wears a pretty pink bandanna. To bad she got shot in Havana
  8. bong you must be high cuz your rhyme sucks ass
  9. Bong , bong plays Ping-pong thinking that his brain is strong, too bad he sleeps alone all nightlong
  10. swizz beat kiss my feet and cook me something good to eat
  11. Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo 2013. it sucked, 2014 will b better
  12. kellyann


    This thread is dumb and that aint no lie Poke you in the fucking eye
  13. Then why be so mad hes releasing free scripts, and be so furious, that u get yourself demoded with bd language??
  14. Lol tooooo funny. looks like swizz is going to have to spend more then 3 seconds on scripts.. since all his re being released for free
  15. Well you can always hope... or change PW now.... and stop urself from being scammed
  16. who the F knows, does seem like something hollywood would do tho just to make more $$$
  17. it's an extremely long article lol. Prety in depth , if its untrue someone has way to much time on their hands your right lol
  18. http://nodisinfo.com/Home/30227/ could just be conspiracy theories, but idk lol. read for yourself
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