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  1. D9S4 left Positive feedback   

    sold bond thanks :]

    kellyann was The Buyer

  2. Trustmybet left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a bond quick and easy! <3

    kellyann was The Buyer

  3. CarsonT left Positive feedback   

    Lent me an account for a script - Overall a trustworthy kind person

    kellyann was Trading

  4. Swizzbeat left Positive feedback   

    Lent her my account with 6M on it and she didn't touch <3 legit AF

    kellyann was The Buyer

  5. Nick76064 left Positive feedback   

    she mm and went very smooth and easy!

    kellyann was Trading

  6. Muffins left Positive feedback   

    MM'd a trade for me, thanks kelly!

    kellyann was The Seller

  7. Heaven left Positive feedback   

    Trade went smoothly! Great person!

    kellyann was The Buyer

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