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  1. May I have a trial please?
  2. I had it in my inventory already with the runes but the script said it couldn't find the astrals. It works very well though! will be purchasing!
  3. Does this not support rune pouch? not finding my astral runes.
  4. Ok cool! Can I get a trial, if it works for me, I will be purchasing!
  5. I just seen your message, will be buying the script now and if I have any issues i'll let you know ! thanks for fixing!!
  6. How well does the lunar spell super glassmake work? Will it work with giant seaweed? and does it pick the extras off the floor?
  7. What travel methods are there? any iron friendly?
  8. Does the super glass make work well with Buckets of sand and Giant Seaweed? will it pick up glass on the ground?
  9. It's still staying on the magic spellbook vs going back to inventory.
  10. Actually one thing I don't like is after it humidifies my waterskins, it stays on the mage book the whole time, not going back to the inventory at all, but yet knows when to go to the grinder. I think if you made it go back to the inventory it'd be less bot like.
  11. Just getting time to test it now, working great so far! I am using TOF and rune pouch for humidify so curious if that works. If it does I'm for sure buying. EDIT: it works great ! will be purchasing!
  12. Ok cool! I'll give it a try after work today! thanks!
  13. Works great! i'll be purchasing!
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