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  1. would i be able to get a script trial of this frostcaves? ill leave feedback for sure weather i like it or not thank you!@
  2. great script man im going to buy it right now loved the trial bro !
  3. i would love a trial of the soul wars script please
  4. linkshady

    Stealth NMZ

    so for some reason it doesnt use my dds specs ever and when I start it if I dont have a full inv of absortions and overloads it just walks to the bank then sits there same with if you select herb boxes it will just sit at the bank doing nothing ive saved several files to try and change stuff but am probably just going to test out a little bit longer how do refunds work ive never returned a script before ? Also for some reason it leaves my cc chat and my actual clan .. how do i get a refund good sir
  5. - Script name motherlode - trial length 2 days - Reason for trial I'm thinking about purchasing it. Ive got 2 of your scripts I believe. - Are you ging to give feedback on the script? Yes, of course I will give feed back weather I like it or not Thanks
  6. bought 44m from him @ alch.com ! vouch

  7. I was so confused on why it wasn't working aha scared me for a second
  8. Bought 100m from us @alch.com 
    Thank you so much!

  9. Hello I'm just a newbie kinda to farming. So I would need some help from someone who knows how to write private scripts. DM here or discord #1460 for more info about the script that I will be needing. I just need someone whose knowledgeable in writing scripts as i've got no clue aha.
  10. Looking for a private script writer that is knowledgeable aswell as easy to work with....

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