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  1. Hi Tom, last time i wasn’t able to use the trail in time, can I have one more try please? Curious before I buy how it will spot players and safely hop.
  2. GitKenser

    Perfect Agility

    my trial experience: progressive mode from gnome course to draynor rooftop went great. After that is had problems finding its way to al kharid, webwalker error. i pressed home tp and from there it made its way to Al Kharid rooftop. Over there it was going nuts with the camera movement, it was moving fast like crazy hahaha.
  3. progressive test result: lvl stats up to 20 at chickens, then 30 at cows (all went smooth and fine), then stayed at cows and errors appeard. i pauzed it and tried home tp, maybe it would make it go again, but it ran off straight to the chickens and started erroring over there. Al with all it did a great job, took smol breaks 5-10min every 50-56min.
  4. What are the minimum stats that are required for this bot to make successful runs?
  5. Thanks voor sharing your adventure! ill follow this!
  6. How does this work? im interested too
  7. GitKenser

    Perfect Agility

    Hi, can I have a trail plz?
  8. GitKenser


    Hi! Can I grab a 24h trail plz?
  9. Same experience here, i used mirror mode and didnt change anything in the settings of the bot. Around 25 games and 12 points. @TomYou have any recommandations for the settings?
  10. @TomYou doing trails for this one already?
  11. 2 days lost in almost 24h, hold up wait a sec there buddy.
  12. Hey Czar, does this bot have something like a preset progressive mode? Or do I have to make a progressive mode profile myself? If yes, do i be able to save the profile?
  13. how you know those are not used before or you share it with somebody else?
  14. Passwords request and what other actions you take on the shit vpn to make it ‘stolen’?
  15. How did you get your ‘fresh’ IP?
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