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  1. @FuryShark Yo, it's started breaking when entering the bank again. Has been pretty damn good until then.
  2. What happened to the buy multiple items feature?
  3. Hi Khal, I only remember trialling your runecrafter and herblore scripts (both are fantastic) my Osbot data folder only shows as much as well.
  4. Hey Czar, could I trial this?
  5. Hey Czar, I've been using your trial and think its great! I've noticed this issue as well. I've tried setting it do different percentages and have left sip to 100% unchecked. Still chugs super energy potions. Sometimes it'll chug to 100%, withdraw essence, deposit the essence then start chugging potions again even while at 100%. Side note: Do you accept gp for scripts?
  6. Hi Khal, Could I get a trial for your runecrafter? Also wondering if your prices in gp are up to date on your discord
  7. Hi could I get a trial for this? I'm also wondering, does this script allow you to take random breaks between each inventory? e.g. sleep between 5 to 30 before banking.
  8. Hi, I think your scripts are amazing! One issue I recently encountered - When stringing amulets, it zooms out to max view then crashes.
  9. Doesn't seem to work for me. Just keeps trying to fill the coal bag.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm very new to scripting and have been messing around by splicing together open source code. I want to enter a friend's house but once it has done this once, I want to enter using the House Advertisement object, ID:29091 and 'Visit-Last', or go back to entering the host name manually if this message appears "You haven't visited anyone this session." Anyone got any tips? public void enter_house() { RS2Object portal = (RS2Object)this.getObjects().closest(this.OUTSIDE_HOUSE, new String[]{"Portal"}); if (this.OUTSIDE_HOUSE.contains(this.myPlayer().getPosition
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