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  1. Let me know how much for all- 45-70 crafting 1-60 hunter 34-55 agility 43-55 thieving 28-60 smithing 43-60 wc Below ice mountain, corsair curse, imp catcher, the knights sword, sheep shearer, shield of arrav, witchs potion, x marks the spot, another slice of ham, the dig site, the giant dwarf, bone voyage, cabin fever,clock tower, cold war, Contact, icthlarins little helper, the frem trials, frem isles, the tourist trap, the temple of ikov, waterfall quest, troll stronghold, desert treasure
  2. looking to have my low hp pure cannoned to 89 range need to see quotes. thanks
  3. I dont think the script ever worked since release. I tried it ~3 hours after thread creation but its made its way to the official scripts section already xD
  4. Is it possible to get another trial? I was planning on starting a MTA farm but during the trial my 1st acc was banned within 3 hours. I would like to attempt a 2nd account that is aged more before investing in the potential bot farm.
  5. Can't wait appreciate the updates
  6. Hello I see the prices successfully show now but the script still starts and stops instantly
  7. Hello, i attempted to start the script but the gui doesnt load before the script ends. Should i start logged out/logged in/ bank open/bank closed? Starting Nano Fruit Baskets [ERROR][Bot #1][03/28 12:03:51 PM]: Error in script onStart(): Nano Fruit Baskets java.lang.NullPointerException at java.io.StringReader.<init>(Unknown Source) at com.google.gson.JsonParser.parse(JsonParser.java:45) at a.COn.l(l:87) at core.NanoFruitBaskets.onStart(i:1) at org.osbot.rs07.event.ScriptExecutor.IIIiiiiiIIIi(oh:117) at org.osbot.rs07.event.ScriptExecutor.start(oh:259) at org.osbot.rb.IIIiiiiiIIIi(hx:34) at org.osbot.pB.IIIiiiiiIIIi(ky:92) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [INFO][Bot #1][03/28 12:03:51 PM]: Terminating script Nano Fruit Baskets... [INFO][Bot #1][03/28 12:03:51 PM]: Thanks for using Nano Fruit Baskets! [INFO][Bot #1][03/28 12:03:51 PM]: Thanks for using Nano Fruit Baskets! [INFO][Bot #1][03/28 12:03:51 PM]: Runtime: 00:00:00 [INFO][Bot #1][03/28 12:03:51 PM]: Baskets Filled: 0 [INFO][Bot #1][03/28 12:03:51 PM]: Profit: 0 [INFO][Bot #1][03/28 12:03:51 PM]: Script Nano Fruit Baskets has exited!
  8. Could I get a trial? Interested in purchasing. Thanks.
  9. let me know prices and discord below thanks
  10. Watchtower, Troll Romance, Tribal totem, sheep herder, tower of life, Shades Of Mort'ton, monks friend, ghosts ahoy, clock tower, Eyes of Glouphrie, making history, In Search of the Myreque and mountain daughter. post price below and discord thank
  11. Fight arena, Tree Gnome Village, Waterfall, Vampire Slayer, Grand Tree Dragon slayer, Monkey Madness, Nature Spirit post discord and price thanks
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