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  1. account has been sold to osbot alts topic can be closed thanks
  2. title says it all bank: https://prnt.sc/w2pkpz https://prnt.sc/w2pnwq https://prnt.sc/w2po2d https://prnt.sc/w2po74 skills: https://prnt.sc/w2poqo quests: none login screen: https://prnt.sc/w2pppr no blackmarks and no registred email https://prnt.sc/w2pqac i am the original owner off the account and made it kinda as a project A/W 100m or equivalent in PP S/B 35M T.O.S: im not going first unless ure trusted enough willing to use an mm my discord is: kragg#6937 used id: 210384103424393216
  3. up willing to sell it for cheap to fund my new projects
  4. javidamme

    Perfect Agility

    i bought the script aleardy like a year ago bought a couple perfect scripts
  5. javidamme

    Perfect Agility

    does the script eats when low? to be sure it can be used on a hardcore lvl3
  6. still need? 10m f2p done within a couple hrs dm me
  7. 35$ equivalent ik gp since i dont have btc unless u take pp
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