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  1. Got my first 99, thank you!
  2. Good to know, thank you.
  3. Will the script finish the round its currently in before going on break? Script is so solid that i want to keep it running without having to manually go on break...
  4. Mirror mode 50ms 64bit to 32bit. Im at Taverley dungeon fighting Chaos Druids. I tried again now with the same profile and it did fight but did not loot anything. Recreating the profile has fixed the looting problem for me. Reloading the new profile still works great, so my guess is that the old profile might have just bugged out. Im still testing it out, so ill message you later on discord.
  5. Bot works great for like 30-40 mins and then it either completely stops or just doesnt loot.
  6. Youre right, noticed the same thing when i tried to tele grab wines of Z. Forgot to update my comment after that, sorry.
  7. Trial is over. Script is pretty solid, worked well in the wilderness. Tried it in GE and had the same problem with the red flag on minimap while standing still. Dont know what it means, but havent been banned...yet.
  8. May i have a trial please?
  9. Can i have a trial please?
  10. Same problem with me. Will mine the two rocks i have picked for the first inventory, but after that it will only mine one of them while ignoring the other. No other players around.
  11. xLion


    Thanks for the trial, Tom. Amazing script, ran smooth without any problems. Only downside for me is that i cant see the mouse movements, but thats because i like to see whats going on. 10/10
  12. xLion


    May i have a trial please?
  13. Refuses to bank in Lumbridge, goes all the way around to Al Kharid, but on the way back it tries to go through the gate without any coin. Keeps clicking on the gate and ignoring the the chat message... List mode is broken for me, bot just doesnt start. Screen mode kinda works; I pick one tin rock and one copper rock, the bot starts and mines perfectly for the first inventory but after that it goes off pattern and ends up only mining one of the rocks. With the pre-hover option enabled, the bot will hover over the copper but never actually click on it, it will only mine tin...
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