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  1. This looks very useful, thanks!
  2. I did actually try this and I could only get one bot running on the 1g ram on a 2b+
  3. You better not be the one outbidding me with those exact pcs on ebay.
  4. JeppePort


    Spoken to you a fair bit, good luck botting!
  5. I use root as I cannot be bothered to create a new account, as long as you semi know how to not mess your system up you should be safe. And assuming the connection is private so no one get the root password to the server.
  6. Big day for releases!
  7. At the moment none, I am just testing at the moment.
  8. I use tightVNC and SSH tunnel, works nice for me
  9. Have you made sure to download Java 8
  10. pivpn is a good free VPN server made for the rpi using openvpn
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