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  1. Sorry, I only had the trial and I don't think I'll be buying it as it had a few issues and it seems like a fairly bannable activity as is. The above issue happened for me consistently though and it had issues ending the Telekinetic room as well - it would get stuck on the "ending dialogue" part each time.
  2. Would be very interesting to see some numbers from scripters of varying script popularities. Certainly understand not wanting to disclose that information in public but hopefully we can get a little bit of a conversation going on! If this is against any rules or ToS of the website - woops. Lock it up.
  3. Gets stuck fairly often when leaving rooms before eventually resetting on its own and continuing to the next stage. In this case I had to manually leave the room, after which the script was able to continue back into the game. The gameplay itself seems very smooth!
  4. It has been working fantastically so far! The patterns it uses are very human-like and consistent.
  5. Could I get a trial? Thank you!
  6. Can I get a trial? Thanks!
  7. Does this support blackjacking?
  8. My application was finally looked at and accepted, so I'll probably come back and work on something new when my schedule allows it.
  9. Currently dedicating my free time towards other projcects since it doesn't seem like my git application on here is going to get looked at any time soon. That's a good point though, didn't consider splashing when I was writing this. It's open source so you can fix these things yourself if you'd like.
  10. Cool giveaway! I'm going to use my comment space here to kindly ask git applications to be looked at, I've posted mine over a month ago and there has been no updates.
  11. Honestly, I don't know anything about CLI. I'll have to look into it.
  12. Probably easiest for everyone if I just let users set their own custom locations on top of the existing ones. That's for the next version though. I'll do bugfixes to this release as needed but the members version will be fully rewritten and a new release all together.
  13. I did a fair amount of testing and never ran into the issue, so nothing comes to mind as to what could be causing it. For one reason or another though, the script must determine that you already have the correct equipment on you or you have chosen not to upgrade items. On start, the first thing it should always do is check your items and equipment. It's probably something silly that I missed. If you have any suggestions for new training areas, I'd be happy to add them. When/if my Git application goes through, I might make another version of it which would include members, which
  14. Don't mean to advertise (not that there's anything for me to gain from people using the script), but you could easily farm 40/40/40+ accounts with a progressive figher I wrote. Just need to give a fresh account (out of tut island) a bit of gold and it'll go at it.
  15. Glad you got it working! If you could take short video of reproducing the earlier issue, I could probably pin it down and fix it.
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