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  1. Wow! 2.0 is looking great! Excited to pick this script up when the update comes out
  2. Are you planning on adding support for teleportation spells? Also, are you considering the possibility of using the spec orb rather than from the combat menu? Running into a few minor issues, I'll write them up when I can. EDIT: One thing is that it isn't looting, even though I do have it enabled and I have specifically added "Law rune", "Blood rune" and "Nature rune" - neither is being picked up, nor is it waiting for the loot to drop before attacking the next enemy (with both looting and wait for loot enabled). One time it did pick up a blood rune, but that was once out of at least thirty rune drops.
  3. Hey Khal, could I get a trial for this script? Thanks!
  4. Could I get a trial please? Thanks
  5. Shame! I was looking forward to picking this up
  6. zebusayuvu

    Fruity NMZ

    Congrats! What settings/gear were you using?
  7. Yeah, echoing the above suggestion - an option to notify when anyone around you speaks would be great for crabs, especially ammonites. Love the script!
  8. Hey Khal, would love a trial of this one. Thanks! Whoops! Will probably pick it up anyways
  9. zebusayuvu


    Congrats on release! Very well-deserved
  10. Hey Czar, looks great! Would love a trial, trying to decide what magic script would work best to get my main up.
  11. EDIT: Oddly enough, it is working fine now. Please disregard, sorry! Hey Token, I'm getting a "failed to withdraw item" on every single item, regardless of where they are in my bank: getting herb farming supplies getting rake withdrawing item: 1 Rake failed to withdraw item And it just repeats ad-infinitum. Weird, because I tried it a couple days ago and it worked no problem.
  12. Hey Khal, would be great to get a trial of this. Thanks!
  13. A trial would be amazing! Thanks Extra!
  14. zebusayuvu


    Wow, great work! Looking forward to seeing it in action!
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