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  1. sigh bot still showing initialization error..idk whats the issue here.
  2. yes home,before this it was Ok
  3. Ive just downloaded the latest 2.5.87 client.It keeps showing initialization error upon loading each time,i cant see to start it up.What could be the issue
  4. lol my questions getting ignored..come on any1?
  5. any answers to my question pls?reason for bot initialization error upon startup
  6. Why does it say bot initialization error each time i try to start it?
  7. can i get a free trial?
  8. shahzar


    ok just got a 2 day ban.Botted for 7 hours straight
  9. how do we update the osbot to the latest version?
  10. shahzar


    hey ive just realised since today that whenever the crabs at relleka become uaggressive,the script stops trying to restart the crabs.It just stands there. Could you solve this
  11. shahzar


    thanks for the 1 week trial.I just purchased it.Very good script.
  12. hey can i have a trial for this script?
  13. shahzar


    so far so good,scripts working well.But how do i get the script to NOT attack someone elses crab?it will suddenly just run and attack other active crabs engaged with other players
  14. shahzar


    woohoo thanks.!!
  15. shahzar


    im planning to buy this,is there a few days trial for me to check it out first
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