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  1. Fekimchi

    Perfect Thiever

    Been using the script for a while now, does it support the fruit stalls in hosidious?
  2. Hmm, I realize when it gets stuck the camera angle is weird. The camera angle is stuck while the rock is not visible on screen but when i move the camera angle around to where the rock is visible, the script fixes itself and mines the rock. Maybe that might help in finding your solution? Not sure what I said makes sense but hope it does cause this script is pretty good.
  3. Mirror mode, Sometimes gets stuck trying to get to the southeast area. Script gets stuck at the rock that you need to mine once before getting to the south area. Overall great script though.
  4. Hi, I restarted my client today and i got a message on the screen "An errior has occured while loading hooks", I did some researching and I guess its due to the update today and read around the forum to find anyone else having the issue and some do but eventually they got theirs working again somehow. Mine is still saying the error, is there anyway to fix this issue?
  5. Fekimchi

    Stealth Quester

    And how would I set up the script for ironman? I remember a while back I ran the script for some quests on my iron and it worked perfectly. Now when I start the script it keeps trying to use the G.E. I've chosen the quests that are support for ironman only and also disabling stamina pots.
  6. Fekimchi

    Stealth Quester

    Amazing!! keep up the great work! any future plans for adding more quests to this list?
  7. Fekimchi

    Perfect Thiever

    Been using the script for pickpocketing Ardy knights, so far the first couple days was flawless smooth but today it didn't want to work properly. Set up was normal and when I ran the script it would continue to pickpocket the ardy knights but not empty out the coin pouch . So it just kept spamming the knights without doing anything else. Can you have a check on that?
  8. Fekimchi

    Stealth Quester

    Which quests are supported for Ironmen accounts?
  9. ???? Bug with bank tabs? is this with this script only or with Osbot in general cause i have no issues with other scripts regarding bank tabs..
  10. Trying to smelt bars bars at Edge but nothing happens. It opens bank then just does nothing. (mirror mode)
  11. Fekimchi

    Fruity NMZ

    What are your break settings?
  12. I thought the script meant teleport tabs, If its a low level account and it doesn't have teleport crystals.. I can't utilize the script then? Because it has charged glories, games necklace, etc in the bank.
  13. no deathwalk supported?
  14. I'm having trouble setting up the GUI, im adding the patch locations but when i start it, it just says ran out of teleport crystals - pausing script.
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