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  1. Celestial

    Perfect Agility

    Agility still EXTREME risk? Havent been in the botting community for a bit
  2. Hows the coding coming along?
  3. Couple things I noticed. The slayer task was Lizardman and when it teleported to Farming Guild it just stood there, didn't try to open anything. Once I manually opened the door it started moving to where it needed to go. For spiritual rangers, it changed all my gear but stayed at the bank and didn't even attempt to go towards GWD.
  4. Is it possible to do range only? Or does it have to do do melee?
  5. Usually botting from 1-50 is the higher risk levels in my opinion. Were you taking breaks?
  6. This bot works pretty well. Definitely would advise to monitor it here and there and not bot too long. The normal sane person can't do pest control for hours straight.
  7. Hey Panda, for chinning are you guys afk/semi-afk chinning or doing the two hits, walk to one side, two hits, walk to the other side?
  8. trial whenever you can please
  9. Ahh man I apologize I had both pages up. For AIO mining at the verdant valley 3 rocks in Fossil Island.
  10. Were you running any other scripts before this? The bans are not that quick for WT
  11. Hey Czar, I don't know if it's part of your script build but usually when its getting a full invent and then dropping it will try to mine one more ore after being full and then drop. Kinda repetitive I feel
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