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  1. Looking for a service, the service sound like this barrows gloves from a level 3 account, with all skills and quests Drop you price below
  2. Let me know if i can help you out Tranquiloal#0296
  3. Tranquilo

    Fishing req

    can do this for you max 24 hours.
  4. can do this for you but can i get info about what stats u need :)?
  5. Can do this for you pm me you discord or skype
  6. It can't take that long to approve a comment....
  7. i think your banned my other acc tranquiloo he typed it in the pms between me and night and camley i gave him 14m first then 2 bonds after like 2 days then night asked him to confirm and camley responded i did not get the 2 bonds so i sent night screenshot where he confirm its him with 2 bonds and then night unbanned me
  8. Disputed Member:[https://osbot.org/forum/profile/222740-camley123/] Why it should be removed:Night can send u all the screenshot i send u from the other the guy came with racist words tried to tell night that i did not give him 2 bonds so i could give him 2 more everything on screenshot Details:He was a moron after he recived his 14m and 2 bonds he started saying "moron, fuck you, strap a bomb on self and make a explosion (because i'm arab), so bassicly he tried to scam me for 2 more bonds :) Link to topic:non link
  9. I have completed other service for him too where I took a gif on osbuddy with the levels and I can post it here no point for me to not this one I used all my time and kept him updated
  10. I just wanna ask i did a service for 5m why should i refund that when i did the service and many other only one guy did report me for that?
  11. I’m at work now Will be home in 6 Hours i did service for a other guy the same Day i played on my acc same Day and noting happend to Them the guy was botting druids chaos
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