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  1. maldesto unban my account name account is tiagomg

  2. mirror vip not work search for osrs client to attach to
  3. yes I am the problem started was when they gave update 1.7.79
  4. My client is broken. Spent the last 5 hours of my evening trying to figure out what is wrong with this client. Here are a few things I have done to try and stop the client freeze-up. Delete the OSbot folder and anything to do with osbot on my pc then installed the newest version of java successfully. Installed Osbot again. My premium scripts still do not have pictures/thumbnails and only have little boxes to click on. Updated windows. Restarted computer. Any script on the SDN or my premium script will only run for 42-43 seconds dead on and will freeze up, screen go blank and I
  5. 're closing the bot alone after some time before he did not do it in the toilet script
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