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  1. Would I be able to get a trial please?
  2. Can i have a trial aswell happy xmas
  3. DonJamesB

    Fruity NMZ

    I guess on normal mode? couse of low lvl?
  4. DonJamesB

    Fruity NMZ

    Whats the lowest range lvl u should start using nmz script? and what settings should i use
  5. Looks very great! Thinking of making a hunter alt, may i try out the script before i consider buying it?
  6. Hey i have some question before i buy this, does it support Guthans for healing? and does it support slayer?
  7. How well does it work with cannon? If its support cannon, may i try it out ?:)
  8. Hey! i would like to try this script before i buy it :)? please
  9. Hey! Very good script but I dont know if im doing something wrong, but when i try a 3spot. They bot just running back refreshing and back to the spot like 10 times. it happens when the crabs is awake
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