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  1. Yeah the stopping on the loot usually ends on 1m, or after the first banking
  2. Looking for a zulrah ready acc, 80/80/80 would be great.
  3. Does it travel now from the ferox enclave (Banking and healing) and then to zul andra?
  4. Do you do trials? Would love to get one Already bought it, runs great so far
  5. andrius12345


    Is anyone selling some good proxies?
  6. Soo close to 99 and the script breaks, sad emojies
  7. It's not guzzling the rock cake properly, and sometimes doesn't use overloads causing absorbs to lower faster.
  8. The giveaway ended a week ago ;))
  9. A chance? Movie trailer is coming
  10. I want to win because i'm that stupid and lost 18m at zulrah
  11. Stealth quester does the quest, so i don't see it being very expensive
  12. Even with the agility lvl being close to 69?
  13. Regicide done, 80qp, balloon transport system, avas. full void with rangers helm. 1 owner. P.S. Also has an agility pet :3
  14. Hey guys, im looking for for accounts with really low skills. In total it must have atleast 130 skill total, 10 crafting is a must, the rest doesnt matter. Looking to buy such accounts in bulk of 10+ account. Pm me with offers, theres one extra req which i will explain in PM. Cheers
  15. Already got a deal. Special thanks to Kim.
  16. Hello im buying 2-3 accounts with 50 thieving and 50 agility as fast as possible. PM!
  17. Search it on the forum, can't really explain when english is not my first language
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