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  1. asa

    Fruity NMZ

    Anyone had any bans from using this?
  2. yeah. i'm trying to find someone who has an acc for sale so i can get the use out of the script i paid for i need to buy a zulrah killable acc.
  3. i wish all my accounts didn't get banned. was it because i was botting many accounts at once? or should i just stick to mirror mode or what cause even botting somewhat human like i feel like i still get banned. and isn't my ip flagged now? what do i do in this situations?
  4. well my main that had all 99 on rs3 and almost 2k total and 500m bank on 07 just got permmed. alll 6 my accounts got permmed same day. yesterday. they said it was 3rd party client related. idk... very sad.. i don't think i can get away with botting in any way without the account getting bannned. if there was a way i would totally do it... maybe someone can help..
  5. it's going into there and not recognizing it has entered the lair so it just dies and tries to get the items back.
  6. is there a way to fix it so that it shows my loot on the hiscores website again? for some reason the bot doesn't show the profit gained and profit per hour. also not showing up on the website.
  7. asa

    Stealth Quester

    I would love to get a trial and test it. if i like, i'm gonna buy
  8. that makes complete sense. has there been any bans from this script so far?
  9. does this script run in mirror mode btw? and if so, how do i get that setup and is it safer than normal stealth injection? I didn't check the log. but it is working now. I noticed the issue was when my inventory got moved around and i had already clicked setup inventory. so it thought my inventory was weird so it just banks and logs. but if i don't move any items then it works just fine.
  10. so i bought this, it ran fine for a bit. now it gets stuck on turning off auto retaliate and then it just banks my inven and turns off
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