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  1. Very bad version, consumes x5 more than the previous version 0.60, I had to cancel my VIP because it is not profitable for me, I hope it is resolved soon...sorry for my english.
  2. Hi, I purchase the script and my accounts have been locked, in less than 5 minutes ... what am I doing wrong?...sorry for my english.
  3. high ban rate!!! ..All my accounts disabled after 1 hour ... in stealth injection mode.
  4. APA AIO Cooker...Trial Please...
  5. Purchased... Great Script!!!
  6. can i have a trial? thanks...
  7. I have the same problem too...
  8. Thx man, I hope they fix it soon, this is an awesome bot with a wonderful community ... :)
  9. I think the problem is the registration of the website, I just tried Firefox, Opera and from my phone and it does not show the captcha.
  10. yes, I tried several browsers ... chrome, Edge, Internet explorer, I just need Firefox and Opera to try ... could someone try to register?
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