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  1. Disputed member: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/338855-ray-reddington/ Thread Link: Explanation: Recovered the account, and blocked me on discord. Also changed the name. [staff see quoted] Evidence: OSbot PM: https://prnt.sc/vqzt5f [staff see quoted] Middled by Christopher in discord. Discord Chat: https://prnt.sc/vr03v6 https://prnt.sc/vr047k https://prnt.sc/vr04nx https://prnt.sc/vr04yl https://prnt.sc/vr053v [Hidden due to sensitive information] https://prnt.sc/vr05jr https://prnt.sc/vr05pc https://prnt.sc/v
  2. Ban rates are through the fucking roof.. 2 hours use 1 - 25 rc and next day get ban. Thought I learned my mistake using this script a while back to get 77 while helping Czar with zmi on a 2k ttl main and was going very well, in fact I got 77 and the day I got 77 I got banned. Bearing in mind, I was running 6-8 hrs consecutively most days, this was back in august 2019. New acc, 1.5k ttl that was perm banned back in 2017 but was lifted at start of 2020, not botted on it since. Ran the bot yesterday for couple hours got myself 25 rc in about 2 hours and the next day I'm banned. I know the sa
  3. Title says all. Does anyone have a list with all alchs on, mainly from slayer drops, but any list will do. Thanks. This is for use with a combat script which loots and alchs specified items. Just looking for a pre-made list with pretty much everything on?
  4. Type of trade: GP - Account Your contact info (skype, discord, etc): L30N#8215 347823655830552576 Other Person's contact info (skype, discord, etc): K9#3756 Do you agree to TOS: Yes
  5. Turn accept aid off then???
  6. t #1][]: 2 Skipping over (i0s0), label: ss: deposit_except and: Law rune,Astral rune,Air rune,Small pouch,Medium pouch,Large pouch,Giant pouch,Pure essence,Rune pouch, can: false [INFO][Bot #1][]: 2 Skipping over (i0s0), label: ss: eat and: Shark can: false [INFO][Bot #1][]: 2 Skipping over (i0s0), label: ss: potion and: Super energy can: false [INFO][Bot #1][0]: 2 Skipping over (i0s0), label: ss: deposit and: Super kebab,Garden pie,Black mushroom,Half a garden pie,Fish pie,Half a fish pie,Admiral pie,Half an admiral pie,Wild pie,Half a wild pie,Baked potato,Potato with butter,Potato
  7. Please can I have trial mate.
  8. L30N

    FIrecape Request.

    Sounds good mate, will add you on discord now.
  9. Need a FC on a pure build. Will be paying in gp, please post prices below. Thanks in advance.
  10. Please may I have a trial for this script mate, interested in purchasing.
  11. L30N


    Really does depend on how you start the account out imo. If you want it to go under the radar, I'd suggest not bottling straight from the get go, could be wrong but works for me. Could also be that they are detecting that certain script? I'm pretty sure just for logging into the bot client is bannable isn't it? Again I could be wrong, don't quote me on lol.
  12. L30N

    Perfect Agility

    any chance of a trial mate? Thiev trial was ace mate, bought that yday. Looking for agility trial for now please.
  13. Seems like master / worker is very broken mate. Set the options to what you recommended, the worker doesn't even use RoD to get to fire altar, also once there trades the ess over and just comes to a stand still inside the altar and doesn't even try to go back. [INFO][Bot #1][07/16 PM]: Just accept now ! [INFO][Bot #1][07/16 PM]: "inv_change" changed to "1" [INFO][Bot #1][07/16 PM]: Changed item tho 1 [INFO][Bot #1][07/16 PM]: Changed item tho 2 [INFO][Bot #1][07/16 PM]: Changed item tho 3 [INFO][Bot #1][07/16 PM]: Changed item tho 4 [INFO][Bot #1][07/16 PM]: Changed
  14. You're a genius, why did I not think of this hahaha. Thank you so much, I will let you know how it is whenIi run it after work!
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