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  1. Wassup Furyshark, Could you accept my discord friendrq, I just gotta ask a couple questions about a bot of urs I have. My discord is: Devyy#3210

    Cheers, brother

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    2. Cooldudezxc


      Wassup Furyshark,

      Me and u use to talk awhile back when I grinded osrs especially botting. We use to be chill on dc n shit but I got tired of botting and moved on. Now I wanna come back and was just wondering how do I get ur 'Fury AIO Looter' on my pc. I recently swapped pc's and dont have any of ur scripts on my laptop rn, just wondering if I can get ur Fury AIO looter or ur unrealeased fally party room script (hella good) for the timebeing. I understand u got locked out of ur dc n shit so that's a bit of an inconvenience. Cheers bro, love ya scripts, just get back to me whenever you're free. :)



    3. FuryShark


      bro you still have it i gave you a perm auth on sdn version lol, also its been updated to include fally party room too. Any script you have on sdn doesnt need to be downloaded it just magically appears in your osbot script selector

    4. Cooldudezxc


      o shit mad, thanks heaps hahaha ur such a legend.

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