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  1. You never delete acc's? What happend with Dbuffed? Simple request Just delete my account and i will refund the guy. Why wouldn't you delete an account up on request? Isn't that much effort.
  2. as i said i will refund him. After you guys delete my account from this site/forum. i'm willing to use a middleman for this from Sythe. Might need to mention that i did get that 87fishing as requested tho. its up to you wheter he gets his money back or not.
  3. you guys delete my acc perm and i will refund they guy willing to use some middleman ofcourse someone from sythe perhaps? 24hr you said? you better hurry up then!
  4. I have no clue further more i said i would refund him 20m+ for the delay on the service.
  5. Master00j


    i can do this for you 52.7M Discord: Jasonn#3670
  6. I could knock out the thieving and agility: price: 12,393,965.00 Discord: Jasonn#3670 time-frame: 2days (can start right now)
  7. This will work. Trapped soul Count draynor Sand shake King Road The kendal
  8. could do alching. with good items too alch the loss will be low/ maybe even some profit. if you are intressted contact me via disc: Jasonn#3670 price/gp would be: 18gp for alching
  9. 8.5M can start right now discord: Jasonn#3670
  10. 10M for fire cape. discord: Jasonn#3670
  11. 10gp/xp via absorb discord: Jasonn#3670
  12. i can do this for you right now 10gp/xp discord: Jasonn#3670
  13. Master00j


    can do this for you 15M 07 gp discord: Jasonn#3670
  14. could do this for 20gp/xp doing 10hrs/day discord: Jasonn#3670
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