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  1. I have sent you a private message regarding this Decode.
  2. Hi, For a start, there is no evidence that I have taken anything and it's a completely unfair claim that I have done that, he could claim there was 1B on the account and that I have taken it. The account has clearly been botted on before as he even mentioned that he had botted pest control on it previously that triggered the ban in the first place. Him admitting that the account was being botted on previously He also suspected someone else had access to the account while I was using it as I messaged him to let him know my progress and he replied with this: I would like to see some solid evidence that I have botted on his account and that I have taken anything, he has proven in the chat that he has botted on the account and other people clearly have had access to it. I am more than happy to refund quests but that is it. I would also like to point out that the service was never sold as a hand leveling service even though I didn't bot (he's welcome to try and prove otherwise.)
  3. Bytecodes


    I can over the next two days for 40m
  4. Hi guys, I'm starting to sell proxies for RSBotting! Why should you buy with me? Fully private. Multiple Subnets. Cheaper than other competitors. Monthly IP refresh. Speed: 1000MB/s. The price of each proxy is $3/m which can be paid in cash or OSRS GP. If you're interested please let me know
  5. Let me know in 24 hours if you don't get any more bids.
  6. I can do this for 45 gp/xp if you want
  7. Bytecodes

    Perfect Agility

    Hey bud, could I get a trial please?
  8. Hey mate, Is there any plan to add the ability to have it use things like rock salt & hammer on NPCs when they hit 0? I'd love if you could
  9. Hey dude, I'll take this if it's still going. I'm happy to use a MM if you won't go first to me
  10. Bytecodes

    Stealth Quester

    This script has a horrible ban rate, I've had literally almost every account I've ever used it on banned. It's a really good script in terms of what it does but I wouldn't trust it on any of my accounts.
  11. Hi guys, I'm looking for a non-botted cheap & low level account that's been off tutorial island for over a week. Only looking for spend a few bucks on this.
  12. How the fuck am I going to gold farm on a construction script?
  13. Can I have a trial please Token?
  14. can u stop shit posting pls???????

  15. Bytecodes

    Stealth Quester

    I did but I had a lot of problems actually getting it to work so I wanted to try it again
  16. Bytecodes

    Stealth Quester

    Can I have a trial please token?
  17. I believe it was varrock west mate. With a fresh account using regular logs
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