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  1. He Pal, Well I was just naming a few bots I used in the past and they got deleted by a mod because its considered advertising. I didn't even know the bot they crossed out still existed lol. Anyway, OSbot has very nice features, scripts, anti-ban and a community to name a few so you should be good here. Setting up my first firm using this bot as we speak haha. Good luck to you.
  2. I really needed this explanation lolo. Thank you kindly sir. I can now scrape that last bit of self respect out of the dumpster and cherish it for a while instead of feeling like an absolute noob who cant install a client lololo. Have a good evening.
  3. He Guys, After years of botting with clients such as p****bot, Advertising other bots isn't allowed. and many more, I cant figuere out how to get OSbot to run. I followed the steps as outlined here: LINK TO MAXI TUTORIAL ON SETUP But feel like an absolute noob not being able to figure it out. I've added two screenshots. The first is trying to start OSbot using the stealth button, the second trying to make it mirror with the vanilla client of OSRS. Runelite did also not work to mirror sadly. As far as I know I have all the required Java installs Like JDK8 and so on. All
  4. Thanks for your feedback. Are regular proxies still safe to run a decent farm on, the accounts haven't been created on those proxies naturally. I've build similar farms in the past, years ago, and never had any problems. I want to set up a farm of about 20 accounts in the coming weeks and I'm looking for tips in this regard. A lot has changed. The accounts have high requirements and are thus expensive so I'm playing the long game. Would be a shame if they all get stricken by the murciless ban hammer that haunts us all just for a couple of flagged IP addresses.
  5. Hi Guys, First post here so please excuse me if this isn't posted in the correct section, could also not find a post regarding this topic. I've been botting for many years and always used socks5 proxies to avoid chain bans and keep my home IP, and therefore my main, clean. The last few years I feel Jagex has become a bit better at detecting if a socks5 proxy is coming from a datacenter, which results in a lot of bans because naturally no legit player would have a datacenter address. Not even to speak of the many vendors that recycle IP's that have been flagged many times before.
  6. Good day ladies and gentlemen, I'm new to OSbot so I thought I'd introduce myself to this community. I'm IDKFA and although I'm new to OSbot, I've been playing runescape since before it was considered old school. Yes I'm that old lol. I've been botting since the release of osrs using different clients. The past year I've mainly used Advertising other bots isn't allowed. but due to their unfair overpriced scripts and monthly recurring fee's I've decided to give OSbot a go. Over the years I've botted max combat on several accounts and ran modest goldfarms. I'm not a scri
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