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  1. do i have to restart the script for it to update?
  2. at this point im turning it off to start mining in the top floor still not turning the script off tho
  3. new proggy before bed incase i get banned haha
  4. 1st real proggy iv gotten with any script haha good work khal
  5. i will for sure if i find one =) kinda hoping i can find one with some positive feedbacks tho. kinda paranoid like that haha
  6. are the emails registered? and how soon is soon? also what is the age on the accounts? brand new or have they been aged a bit
  7. hi im looking for a reputable fresh lvl 3 char seller if you have accounts to sell please reply with a price per account also hoping they will have tut island complete by hand not botted thank you =) more than willing to go first if the seller has good feedbacks
  8. nerds always get the girl man! haha o.o
  9. thanks for the advice! il check them out
  10. sure that would be cool give me a day or two tho before i do the free trial tho so i can gather cow hides and what not id hate to get the trial and not have the stuff to test it fully with haha
  11. hey im just wondering wich scripts for planking and tanning are the least glitchy/most efficient? any advice would be appreciated
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