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  1. Excellent Vorkath? Title does not lie, if you're not dumb and read the proper gear setups/recommendations this script is your best friend. Effective, and very very well coded. Props to @Chrisguy really knows what he's doing. To anyone considering purchasing in the future. I myself would highly recommend.
  2. I must say this is way worth the money, unless you want to spend hours reorganizing your bank staring at a template.. Was buggy at first but it was fixed almost immediately. It supports up to 6000 items so if you have a pretty aged account with higher stats and quests done chances are, some will not be detected automatically and you would have to manually add. Or what I did was just deal with those items at the end of the script. Overall worth the buy!
  3. I start the script up, and when ever it wants to drag an item it gets stuck trying to scroll up to the designated area. Any suggestions?
  4. Just read up on using the official client.. Thank you so much. Also sorry if this was posted in wrong section.. Solved!
  5. Hello new to osbot.. just got vip and a couple scripts.. Everytime I use mirror mode it successfully loads into the mode copying my osbuddy that is open. Problem is when I load my acc (add bot) I am unable to press or type anything, mouse input and keyboard input are not disabled. Pretty much stuck at a screen that I cannot click on.. any suggestions? Ive tried searching for this im sorry if this has already been brought up. Thanks.
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